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For the widows and pensioners and their families

For the homebound we serve

For our mission, America, and Ukraine

For our musicians and their families

For our children and orphans in our care 


Pray with us

"For everyone who asks receives,
and the one who seeks finds,
and to the one who knocks it will be opened."

Matthew 7:8

For our widows’ health-

Alexandra Sobko who has diabetes and her blood sugar has increased
Anna Osadchuk who will soon have cataract surgery
Daria Bilich who was bitten by dogs in the village
Evgenia Sclipiuk as she continues to be dependent on insulin
Irina Peleshuk who has pain in her back which makes it difficult to move
Ivan Rundenko who had bleeding in his stomach and is now recovering at home
Lidia Bondarchuk who continues to lose memory and gets lost
Lidia Kozar for the healing of pain in her spine
Lidia Tereschenko who had heart surgery and needs full recovery
Lubov Omelianenko who is in bed now and can hardly move.
Nina Kushnirenko who has kidney problems and an ulcer of the stomach
Natalia Kozakevich for the healing of her eyes after surgery
Olga Demchenko who has a malignant tumor on her spinal column and strong pain
Valentina Verba who is in the hospital with pain in the stomach and gall stones
Valeri Sidorchuk asks for improved vision so he can come to church without helpers

For our widows and pensioners’ family needs-

Alla Bondareva’s grandchildren who are in the orphanage and need Jesus in their hearts
Antonina Dasevich’s son, that he will accept Jesus and know God’s Word
Evgenia Maksimova’s husband who is now in the hospital with heart problems
Galina Getman for her son Alexander who is so sick
Galina Kondratiuk for her sick daughter
Loida Silenok’s son who disappeared four years ago and has not returned
Lubov Pobochnaya’s son to find a job
Ludmila’s Osadchuk’s husband who is slowly dying on cancer
Maria Aleeva’s 4-yr-old grandson Vladimir who has had three surgeries and is now in the hospital
Nadezhda Bereznaya’s husband who has strong diabetes and needs surgery on his leg
Nella Frolova’s granddaughter who broke her hand
Sofia Tkachenko for her son who lost his job
Valentina Surzhik’s grandson for his health
Valentina Zubchenko’s son, that his behavior will improve and he will know God
Vera Kudria’s son will come to know Jesus
Irina Loktionova’s son who will have surgery
Tatiana Borkovska’s husband George who recently had surgery

For our homebound widows-

Fedor Volinets, retired KSOC singer, who has Parkinson’s disease and is so weak
Lidia Maslikova who has severe psychological problems and needs to go to a mental hospital
Svetlana Dombrovskaya who has been in bed for two years
Vera Maslikova who was admitted to the hospital for the second time with liver disease
Victor Dudin, retired KSOC singer, who is after stroke and in bed
Yulian Kobinek who is after stroke and his wife, also an invalid, has become blind

For Americans, Ukraine, and the mission-

For good health of American sponsors (asks Olga Stahova)
For good health of MMK staff in Orlando (Tamara Kravtsova)
For safe return on the Janzen family to Canada (Vera Verbitskaya)
For B. J. Dunn in Pennsylvania who give yarn and materials (from knitting class)
For God’s blessing on American sponsors (Marguerite and Tamara Kebets)
For the Ukrainian government to improve economic conditions (Irina Sherbina)

For the Church

That the Lord would give us a new meeting place, since the government has refused to rent the present facility after June 12.
For the new members class and communicants classes that are presently in session.
For the members of St. Paul’s Church and health of its leaders (asks Ludmila Scherbak)
For the young people in St. Paul’s church (asks Lilia Zolotnitskaya)