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Gorenichi Gatherings

Summer is the time for picnics, and our widows and pensioners are enjoying a trip to the village of Gorenichi every Wednesday to enjoy a time of fellowship and food with the McMurrins. Gorenichi is about 7 miles west of the city limits of Kiev. Every Wednesday 20 widows and pensioners board a public bus which transports them within 1 mile of the McMurrin home. Roger and Kostya Vikulkin shuttle them from the bus stop to the home in the forest where Roger and Diane live.

As they sit in a circle together under the trees, they share our lives and our work for the Lord, while the three Bernese mountain dogs the McMurrins have raised, lie at our feet.

Let's listen in to their conversations.

Gorenichi Gatherings

Peter Lisek : Katerina Melnichuk invited me to the church. I had been a believer for many years, but I love this church. Now I deliver a food packet to one woman Natalia Frantzeva. She is over 80, but she never tells her exact age. Ha! She can hardly walk in her apartment. Her blood pressure is high. She lives by herself. Before I retired I was a driver-cars, trucks, all over Ukraine. I delivered construction materials mostly, but now I'm on a pension. I sing in the Pensioner choir at church, and I like it very much.

Natalia Michaelova: I was a singer in Roger's choir for many years. When the widows food program began, I started delivering food to a homebound lady. Since then I have take care of 5 different women, the latest one being Alisa Kotlar. She has very sick legs and is a widow. She cannot leave her house. She lives not far from me. I bring her the food packet, shop for her, and even do her laundry as I have a washing machine and she does not. I see her about three times a week. She is a very kind person and enjoys hearing about our church.

Katerina Lialushko: I take care of Lubov Eyhart who has high blood pressure. We pray together. I tell her of the church, Bible classes, and the music. Jesus is our King, and Lord of Lords and we are grateful to God.

I have a son who is an invalid and now he is 32 years old, and cannot speak. He stays home, and I take care of him. But I come to church, and I invited two friends Nina and Tamara, and now they too are members of St. Paul's church.

Later she offered this prayer: "Thank you Lord, for your Holy Spirit. May you cover our hearts and our eyes to see you, our Lord, as our Creator and King. You died for us, and showed us the way to heaven, and we can sit at Your feet. You are a rich and Almighty God, and we ask for Your blessing for everyone. May we thrive in the life you give to us. Nothing can separate us from Your love. You are our Redeemer and we praise Your Name. Amen.

Here more breaking news of Music Mission Kiev next week!