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Widows and Pensioners (A...Z)

Vera Matskova

Date of birth
January 8, 1947
Vera Matskova
I worked all my life as an engineer. Now I am retired, and my husband is retired also.

I first came to the church when a lady named Nadezhda invited me. I was so happy to list to the beautiful preaching and God's Word. It was a place to rest in God, and to have peace in my heart. My husband began to attend the church every Sunday too, and together we joined the food delivery program and deliver a food packet to Tatiana Kuchma who is homebound.

We are so grateful for the food we get every week and for the Bible lessons. I know now that the Lord is always with me, that I can pray to him at any time, and my strength is in Him.

In these days of turmoil in our country, it is a comfort to be in a place where we are loved and cared for. I am so grateful to Music Mission Kiev.