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Widows and Pensioners (A...Z)

Inna Zatsepa

Date of birth
04. 01. 1967
Inna Zatsepa
During the Night service before Easter in the Orthodox Church Inna met Valentina, who told her about worship services in the St. Paul's church and invited her there.

Inna was born in Kyiv. Her grandmother Maria always prayed and told her about life in the USSA. Atheism became the religion in the Soviet Union. Churches were destroyed; many pastors and thousands of believers were killed by the Soviet rule. Since childhood grandmother taught her to understand the truths of the Gospel and to follow 10 God's commandments. She prayed every morning and evening and praised God. She said that He saved her and Inna’s grandfather during the war. Inna's father also loved the Lord. He died 2 years ago.

After school, she went to work in the factory of chemical fibers. Then she worked as a shop assistant and had a few other jobs before retirement. Now she lives with her mother. She is 76. She had two heart attacks, and now she does not go far from home. Inna's health is bad too after Chernobyl tragedy and because of hazardous work conditions in the factory where she worked for 15 years.

Her pension is small and it's difficult to survive now but the faith in God helps her and supports her spirit. She asks to pray for peace in the world and in Ukraine.