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Widows and Pensioners (A...Z)

Lidiya Vojtushenko

Date of birth
09. 07. 1948
Lidiya Vojtushenko
Nadezhda Olimpijskaya invited Lidiya to the St. Paul's church. She is a friend of the friend who attends this church.

Lidiya needs the food packages because she is in very difficult living situation. Her children cannot help her as they are both disabled persons. Lidiya's mother lives far from Kyiv, she is 91 and Lidiya herself helps her. Lidiya is sick with hypertension, cataract, she has diseased kidneys and legs, so she needs treatment. It's very expensive.

She says that Jesus Christ is her Savior. He has died and risen from the dead to pay for our sins and buy the place in Heaven. God loves us and we love Him. Jesus Christ offers us the eternal life as His gift. She sets hope upon Him; and she is sure that she will be with Him in Heaven.

She prays God in the choir of the St. Paul's church parishioners.
Lidiya studies the Bible at the lessons "Heart to Heart"; and she helps to deliver the food packages. She permanently attends the worship services and thanks God for the excellent teachers and pastors.