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Widows and Pensioners (A...Z)

Mykola Sid’ko

Date of birth
Mykola Sid’ko
In 2015 Nadezhda Alekseenko, Mykola's old friend, invited him to the St. Paul's church. She told him about good pastor Roger and the church.

Mykola needs the food packages because all the life he worked hard as a blacksmith at the Lepse factory in Kyiv. His pension now is 1600 UAH (it's less than 60$). He is seriously ill. He has some chronic diseases because of the hazardous work conditions in the past so he needs treatment and medicines. He needs a surgery on the veins in the legs but it's too expensive.

Mykola was born in a large family. His parents were peasants. He had 5 brothers and 2 sisters. The father was at the front and he was a disabled war veteran. There was very big and beautiful church near their house. The parents and children attended it together. His father and mother sang in the church choir. Now Mykola's elder sister also sings in a church choir. She is 87 now.
Mykola began to work in a collective farm at an early age. After school, he served at the army and then he came to Kyiv and worked as a blacksmith and job foreman.
After his wife's death he retired. His wife was seriously ill for a long time. They had no children.

He likes attending the St. Paul's church very much and he likes pastor Roger's sermons and Diane's teaching. He likes the music and MMK in whole. He accepted Jesus Christ into his heart. He enjoys singing in the choir of the parishioners to praise God.