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Widows and Pensioners (A...Z)

Svetlana Sergeeva

Date of birth
19. 10. 1939
Svetlana Sergeeva
In June, 2016 Elena Nekrasova invited Svetlana to the St. Paul's church. She listened to the sermon there and liked it.

Svetlana needs the food packages because she has serious problems with her heath. She has some chronic diseases and is a disabled person of the second group. She spends the greater part of her pension for the medicines and treatment. Good food can make the health better.

Svetlana was born in Russia, Khabarovsk Territory. There were 5 children in the family. Their childhood was hard. She remembers Great Patriotic War, but a little. People were starving and got food with great difficulty. Her father was at the front in 1941-1945 and returned home safe and sound after the war. The years after the war were also years of famine.

After school, Svetlana studied at Khabarovsk teachers' training institute. She married a man from Kyiv. They moved to Kyiv in 1980 and she worked there until 1994.

Her family was in Kyiv during the Chernobyl tragedy. As a result, she has great problems with her health.

She came to God for the help. All her life before this she was an atheist though she knew long ago that God is. Her grandmother told her about God and prayed to Him. Now Svetlana repents and asks the Lord to forgive her. She asks God to give her health, strength, more faith and strong will to overcome her disease. She believes that God loves her and He will help her.